Hoyt Torrex XT



4.0 lb


336 FPS



Brace Height:



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There’s a difference between what you do for a living and what you do to live. If you’re a bowhunter, being hands-on probably defines who you are every day. And values like hard work and self-reliance come naturally, not necessarily out of need, but because of personal pride. It’s in this spirit we’re introducing the new Torrex and Torrex XT early this season, so more bowhunters can get a jump on doing everything necessary for a successful hunt. Both bows feature core Hoyt technologies, durable TEC risers, and field-proven performance at our most aggressive price-point to-date.


  • Tec-Lite Riser Technology: At Hoyt, we are known around the world for our ultra-tough risers. Our Tec-Lite risers are required to survive 1,500 dry fires without failure before ever being considered for the Hoyt product line. This is NOT an industry standard. This is the Hoyt standard.
  • X-Actâ„¢ Grip System: Your first impression shooting a bow ultimately starts with the grip. Extensive, in-depth research and development made sure that experience was as good as it gets when shooting a Hoyt. From the width and angle to the overall shape, the X-Act Grip practically holds your hand through the shot, making sure you have proper hand placement time and time again. Because in archery, consistency is accuracy.
  • Parallel Split Limbs: Our Parallel Split-Limb designs eliminate the vulnerable v-groove and limb bolt groove where failure most often occurs on traditional solid limbs. Parallel Split-Limbs are also lighter, more efficient and provide increased arrow speeds, durability and accuracy, and they’re engineered to survive an amazing 1,000 dry-fires at 80 lbs. draw weight and 30” draw length.
  • Cam 1 & 2 System: Top and bottom cams are fused together by a harness system, ensuring they fire at the exact same time, every time for ultimate consistency and accuracy. No wonder it’s the winningest cam system in Hoyt’s 80-year history.

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Black, Realtree Edge

Draw Weight

70 Lbs


Right Hand, Left Hand


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