PSE Stinger ATK Right Hand Strata 70Lb


Brace Height (in)
  4 lbs.
Arrow Speed (fps)
  312 fps
Axle-To-Axle Length
Draw Length

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Bowhunters know what we truly need in a hunting bow. We need it to be smooth-drawing, hard-hitting, and deadly accurate.

But what if a compound bow could be all that and affordable too? Meet the 2022 PSE ATK Series of bows.

Affordably lethal, the 2022 PSE ATK Series gives you everything you need in a hunting bow without forcing you to pay for the things you don’t. After all, isn’t it time you spend more of your hard-earned money on experiences and less at the sales counter?

Shoot the PSE ATK Series of bows today by visiting your locally authorized PSE dealer.


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