Scott Jaws Release


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Patented Technology With Unmatched Opening Response Eliminates Torque For Increased Accuracy

Experience the ultimate fit, feel and function with numerous adjustment options for increased tunability and customization. The ultra-compact dual caliper design on the Jaws combined with patented HyperJaw Technology delivers symmetrical distribution of friction  eliminating torque and providing straight string travel for improved accuracy.


  • HyperJaw TechnologyFeatures Unmatched Opening Response, Eliminating Torque & Increasing Accuracy
  • Stainless Steel Auto Closing Jaws
  • Ergonomic Body
  • Knurled Trigger
  • Solid Swivel Connector With 4-hole Length Adjustments
  • Cam-Lock Fold Back Strap Connector
  • Leather Strap with Neoprene for Extra Comfort


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