Electric Bowstrings

Shockingly Consistent

Our Materials

Electric Bowstrings are built with the highest quality materials on the market. Our High Voltage sets are made with BCY 452X material, and specific BCY serving selected for the best durability and consistency our strings are known for. Our eco-friendly, crossbow and recurve products are made with BCY DynaFlight97 material and BCY serving to ensure a quality product at a lower price.

Our Build Process utilizes cycle tensioning

From start to finish, an Electric Bowstrings High Voltage set undergoes a variable tensioning process to ensure a completely stable string, with zero shoot in time, and ZERO peep movement! This process fully elongates the material, and seats the individual strands together, which ensures that the string or cable WILL NOT stretch/creep once installed on the bow.

Every set is quality checked, at every step of the build process, and then undergoes a final quality check for overall length and serving placement, prior to being installed in the shop, or being shipped out to the customer.

Our Warranty

Every High Voltage set comes with a one-year warranty ensuring:

ZERO peep-rotation

ZERO serving separation

ZERO creep/elongation