Hoyt Carbon RX-7 Ultra 60Lb RH



  • FPS (ATA): 334
  • Axle-to-Axle: 34 in.
  • Brace Height: 7 in.
  • Mass Weight: 4.3 lbs.
  • Cam: HBX Pro Cam System
  • Draw Lengths: 27–30″, 30.5–32″

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Product Description

The Hoyt Carbon RX-7 Ultra Compound Bow is built for massive performance in a lightweight, streamlined design. The Carbon RX-7 Ultra is built with the innovative In-Line™ System that places the Picatinny sight rail, rest mount, and quiver mount in optimized locations for improved balance and stability with minimal bulk. The HBX Pro™ Cam delivers impressive speed and kinetic energy in an ultra-quiet, ultra-smooth shot. Hoyt Carbon Technology™ creates a super strong and light build, weighing in at just 3.9 pounds. The RX-7 Ultra also features Hoyt’s Short Stop™ Stabilizer that lowers the stabilizer for a lower center of gravity and more effective balancing with less weight. Get streamlined performance optimized for the field with the Hoyt Carbon RX-7 Ultra Compound Bow.


  • Vitalpointâ„¢ grip decrease negative input for better hold and accuracy
  • Adjustable quiver mount allows tailored setup for optimal bow balance
  • Hoyt Carbon Technologyâ„¢ creates a lightweight bow—just 3.9 pounds!
  • Optimized Shock Podâ„¢ locations absorb more riser vibration after the shot
  • Integrate Rest Mounting System® is in line with riser, allowing for a lighter rest without extra bulk
  • Short Stopâ„¢ Stabilizer creates a lower center of gravity for more efficient balancing with minimal weight
  • SLâ„¢ Sidebar Attachment sits in line with riser for less bulk, less weight, less obtrusion, and a more stable, streamlined attachment system
  • HBX Proâ„¢ Cam is the smoothest, quietest cam to date and is built for easier tuning, an enhanced sight picture, and a better center shot
  • Picatinny sight rail machined into the riser: keeps the weight of the sight off the side of the bow and in line with the riser for better balance, less weight, and greater stability



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