Muzzy Trocar HB Broadhead


  • Smooth flying, hard hitting hybrid broadhead
  • Big total cutting surface of 2-5/8″
  • Bone-crushing Trocar chisel tip
  • Proven 1″ fixed-blade design
  • Long 1-5/8″ center-pivot blades that deploy on contact
  • Surgically sharp stainless steel blades
  • Offset fixed blade design for boosted stability and accuracy

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A broadhead designed to help bowhunters drop big game fast, the Muzzy® Trocar HB Hybrid Broadhead’s tough and accurate hybrid design delivers excellent penetration and large wound channels. Part of Muzzy’s most accurate family of broadheads, the Trocar HB combines a bone-crushing Trocar chisel tip and proven 1″ fixed-blade design with a pair of long 1-5/8″ center-pivot blades that deploy on contact. Made of 0.035″ surgically sharp stainless steel, these blades combine to deliver a huge total cutting surface of 2-5/8″ after impact. Designed for stable and accurate flight over long ranges, the mechanical blades stay tucked in tight to the broadhead’s solid-steel ferrule in flight while the fixed blades feature a stabilizing offset design. 3 pack.
Manufacturer model #: 297.


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