PSE Warhammer Crossbow


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PSE Warhammer


Made in the USA and featuring all the latest technology, it’s PSE’s newest addition to its growing crossbow line, the WARHAMMER®. Designed from the ground up by PSE engineers, the WARHAMMER® is a compact (29-inch by 14.125-inch), powerful (142 feet-pounds of kinetic energy) crossbow that delivers 400 FPS when firing a 400-grain bolt.

We’ve never had anything like it in our product line, and we think you’ll agree the WARHAMMER® is a complete game changer.

Comes With Crossbow Cocking Device 


  • SPEED: 400 FPS with 400 GRAIN BOLT
    ·         KINETIC ENERGY: 142 FT. LBS.
    ·         AXLE-TO-AXLE (relaxed): 10.75”
    ·         AXLE-TO-AXLE (full draw): 6.125”
    ·         LETOFF: 80%
    ·         DRAW WEIGHT: 245 LBS.
    ·         POWER STROKE: 14.5”
    ·         OVERALL LENGTH: 29”
    ·         OVERALL WIDTH: 14.125″
    ·         MASS WEIGHT: 7.6 LBS.
    ·         3 – 22” Thunderbolt Bolts
    ·         3 -100 GR Points
    ·         HDV 425 Scope
    ·         Quiver
    ·         Crossbow Rail Lube
    ·         Neoprene Deluxe Crossbow Sling
    ·         Cocking Sled Rope


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