Thorn G.I. 120 Grain Broadhead


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The Thorn G.I. (or Glue In) is inspired by the legendary Tim “the Hammer” Gillingham, and designed to fit today’s growing popularity of small diameter arrow shafts (.165″-.166″ ID). The G.I. glues directly to the arrow shaft hence the name Glue In; therefore removing the need of any bulky insert/outsert systems that small diameter shafts may require. With a tap threaded insert in the rear of the broadhead stem users can build up their G.I. to their preferred weight with an aftermarket point weight system. The 120 G.I. Tim Gillingham series expandable broadhead comes standard with a 2.2″ cutting surface!


  • 3 – Broadheads
  • 6 – Sheer Pins
  • 1 – Practice Clip

***Thorn Broadheads does NOT offer the aftermarket weight system! Check out Gold Tip Arrows .166 ID point weight system for example


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